The Art of Fashion

August 10, 2017

Secret View Dress with original painting

One evening, while driving home, I looked up and saw the most amazing sky. I was transfixed. I kept driving west towards it until I could turn off and head down to the ocean. The sky was changing quickly and I wanted to capture it before the sun went down… I pulled over and then, walking down a little path to the sea, I came to a beach. The tide was so high that the water level was all the way up to the logs at the top of the beach. I lay down on a log and just watched the beautiful sky with shape-shifting clouds and the colours of the sunset reflecting on the water...

Secret View captures the magic of this dramatic evening sky and ocean. Although this painting represents British Columbia’s West Coast, it also reminds me of the northern summer sky in Norway where the sun sets at midnight and one can watch for hours the changing sky moment by moment; each moment more brilliant and breath-taking than the next, the reflecting colours dancing on the waves...

I created the Secret View Dress from this painting. This dress comes in either a flare or fitted style and can also be worn with the Secret View Kimono, as featured in last year's Harmony Arts Festival fashion show.

Secret View Dress worn with Kimono

This year's show; The Art of Fashion is on Wednesday, August 9th at 1:00 pm and I'll be showing all new designs and creations! The show is on an outdoor stage (weather permitting) and features 25 artists with their unique clothing and accessories.

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