If love were a season...

by Anne Gudrun August 18, 2017

Love Crop Top and Shorts

If love were a season, it would be summer...

Summer is about love, beauty and deepening into your essence.

What is your essence? Your essence is the vibration of your soul. When you peel away the layers of life you discover your True Self, beyond the roles you play in physical existence...

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The Art of Fashion

by Anne Gudrun August 10, 2017

Secret View Dress with original painting
One evening, while driving home, I looked up and saw the most amazing sky. I was transfixed. I kept driving west towards it until I could turn off and head down to the ocean. The sky was changing quickly and I wanted to capture it before the sun went down… I pulled over and then, walking down a little path to the sea, I came to a beach...

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Fine Art into Wearable Art

by Anne Gudrun June 22, 2017

Fine Art into Wearable Art

I made a little video documenting the journey from painting to finished product... Fine Art into Wearable Art. It's a slow process (so I speeded it up for this two minute video!). 

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Sizing Guides

Sizing Guide for Tops, Shorts, Leggings, Skirts and Dresses:

Size Guide

 Sizing Guide for Kimonos:


 Sizing Guide for Scarves:

Scarf Size Guide

 Sizing Guide for Beanie Hats:

Beanie Hat Sizing guide

Sizing guide for Headbands:

One size fits most! 😊