Giving Back

Midsummer Forest

Recently I've been working on a project called Forest Tales. While creating this series, it’s brought me back to my childhood love of fairy-tales and the mythical beauty of the forest and nature... 

Dream Catcher

As I’ve painted and created Forest Tales, I’ve become more aware and more conscious of the importance of trees and the forests of our earth.

With all the recent wildfire devastation we’ve experienced in British Columbia and other parts of the world, I wanted to do something positive for the environment, and to help replenish our beautiful and much-needed forests.

So... (I’m excited to say!) I’ve partnered with One Tree Planted and will donate $1.00 for every product sold (that's one tree planted!), and for every large painting sold, I'll donate $100 (that's 100 trees planted!!). 

One Tree Planted

My mission has always been to bring more beauty to people's lives and to the world. Now I can also help, in my own little way, to give back to the earth and help to keep it beautiful.

Here are a few more reasons why trees are so important to the environment: 

Why Trees

Thank you,


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